Engaging Plant Spirits Through Visual Art

August 3 - 5 at Partner Earth Education Center in Danby, Vermont

Join Pam and Jackie as they guide you to create beauty inspired by the nature intelligence of plant spirits. We will deeply immerse ourselves in the world of plant/nature consciousness and let one plant or tree call to us to be expressed through visual arts. The doorway to deep healing personally, professionally and planetarily will open as a plant or tree spirit reveals itself through our creations. As you are inspired by the magnanimous spirits of the plants let them direct you to visually bring forth the many gifts they have to offer. The plant spirit will meet you at your level of artistic expression and perhaps take you beyond your current boundaries. This class is for anyone interested in creating beauty, healing and deep connection via painting regardless of prior experience.

  • Connect via daydream and dream journey with a current or new plant ally
  • Learn how to be guided by your plant ally to visually express its’ spirit

  • Enhance your artistic gifts or discover your latent abilities

  • Create a work of art that embodies the spirit of your plant ally

  • Experience the healing that comes from the spirit that emerges from your painting

This unique way of working with the spirit of a plant or tree is invaluable in deepening your relationship with a plant or tree. 
This intimate encounter helps you to experience your plant ally as “the beloved”.

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Jackie Lewis is a Visionary Plant and Dream Artist based in Essex, UK.  She taps into her deep connection with Nature and the Unseen and brings these worlds to canvas for all to see.  She does this with such vibrancy and truth that by looking at one of her paintings (even on a computer screen), we can feel the energy of these Beings, we can experience their healing gifts as some deep remembering stirs in our own soul.  Through her work, Jackie expresses her gratitude for Nature’s gifts and reminds us of the Sacred in All.

Location: Partner Earth Education Center at Sweetwater Sanctuary in Danby, Vermont

Date and time: 10:00 am Friday August 3 - 3:00 pm Sunday, August 5

Full cost is $425 - Includes all instruction, art supplies, meals and shared lodging.
$100. deposit will hold your space.

To pay via Paypal:

$100 non-refundable deposit is $103.(includes paypal fee)

$335 fee after paying deposit (includes paypal fee)

$438 full fee (includes paypal fee)


Pay via check or money order by sending payment to: PEEC, 1525 Danby Mtn. Rd., Danby, VT 05739


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