What is Plant Spirit Healing?

Since ancient times healers, medicine persons and shamans have understood that true healing is more than “fixing” a physical ailment. They knew that when dis-ease occurred the essence of a person was misaligned and that to be effective in a return to health one must reach into the core of the person to bring about a change toward balance. In these modern times this “core essence” of a person is understood in terms of energy. We know of meridians or “pathways of light” within our body through which energy flows, the auric field which is the energy body that surrounds our physical body and chakras

which are energy vortexs that exchange energy with the external world. We now know that energy anatomy is just as real as our physical anatomy and is, in fact, the template for our physical body. Given this understanding, when the energy body becomes compromised it is best to heal at this level before the compromise reaches the physical level. True healing occurs by going beyond symptomatic treatment addressing the source of dis-ease.

Energy exists everywhere, can neither be created nor destroyed and manifests as heat, light and movement but does not have sentience. In Plant Spirit Healing we work with the “vital principle held to give life” otherwise known as spirit. The conscious spirit of the plant directs the energy allowing healing to take place efficiently and effectively.

Healing is a journey that engages our whole being of heart, soul and spirit and is not a linear process but instead follows a spiral pattern. As we spiral through life we periodically reach new understandings allowing healing to reach deeper levels each time filling ourselves more fully with our true essential nature. As we become more our self our unique path is revealed and that which doesn’t serve us on our path falls away.

This form of healing is not a quick fix but is instead a maintenance program. Since we are constantly surrounded by that which can disrupt our energy anatomy we must be vigilant always striving for balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As we raise our consciousness we view healing not as medicine but as a way of life.


What is a Healing Session ?

Pam Montgomery is an herbal and Plant Spirit Healing practitioner. Each session is a unique combination of healing processes designed specifically for you and your needs. Incorporated into your healthcare program may be herbs for nutritional and medicinal support, flower essences for emotional support and plant spirits for spiritual support.

Life style change and spiritual guidance are incorporated to assist both your physical and energetic bodies to live in optimal health. Pam works with your energy anatomy to reach core issues of dis-ease going beyond symptomatic treatment to effect lasting change. In this whole person approach, she calls upon plant spirit allies to re-pattern discordant energy bringing healing to your heart, soul and spirit.

A Plant Spirit Healing Session may include:


• Soul retrieval

• Chakra clearing

• Vertical alignment

• Removing intrusive energy

• Past life work

• Ancestral work

• Balancing feminine and masculine aspects

• Elemental balancing

• Soul contracts

• Removing energy blockages

• And more

Pam's long distance healing sessions entail five steps:

1) You write a history including high points and traumatic events physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You describe your relationships with your primary family ( parents, siblings and children) both past and present. 
You explain why you are seeking help at this time. This write-up needs to be no more than five pages.

2) You and Pam have a phone conversation or Skype at which time further questions are answered and clarifications are received. This usually takes 30-45 minutes.

3) Within a week Pam does a non- local healing session for you with the help of the plant spirits.

4) You and Pam have a pre-arranged phone or Skype date when Pam tells you what she found, what work the plant spirits did and what you need to do to continue in your healing process.

5) Please contact Pam BEFORE paying for a session to find out her availability. Connect here

Pam is not available for healing sessions at this time please check the Certified Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner page on this website for a practitioner that can assist you

Healing Sessions are paid in advance via check $135 Send to: Pam Montgomery, 1525 Danby Mtn. Rd., Danby, VT 05739

Via Paypal use the button below

HEALING SESSION $139. which includes paypal fee (click below)

Pay for a long distance healing session prior to arranging your first phone conversation.