During a mentorship Pam helps guide you in whatever way you need. You may need help with understanding how to proceed with a particular client or you may need help designing a class you want to teach or you may need personal guidance. Also, if you are working toward becoming a Certified Plant Spirit Helaing Practitioner you can complete your case studies via a mentoring session. Sessions are either on the phone or via Skype and usually last an hour. Mentoring may only be needed once or twice or maybe it is an on-going relationship. This is NOT a healing session but is designed to give guidance, clarification, understanding and inspiration.

Mentorship sessions are $75 per hour and can be prearranged with Pam by reaching her via Connect.

You can send a check for $75 to Pam Montgomery, 1525 Danby Mtn. Rd., Danby, Vt 05739.

Or pay with Paypal (click button) $77.50 (includes paypal fee)