Coming Soon

Producing an on-line course is more than I ever imagined and it requires a team of people to make it happen. I’m assembling my team and we are working on it but I do not know at this point how long it will take. I’m considering something in the interim to nourish your hungry spirit. Stay tuned and keep smelling the flowers and hugging the trees.

Co-creative Partnership with Nature; Healing Into Life with Plants, Trees, Elements, Nature Spirits and Self

Maintaining Well Being with Energy Hygiene - Plant Bathing, Smudging, Feathering

Communication, Communion, Common Union with Plants andTrees 

Healing Broken Hearts, Exiled Souls, Malnourished Spirits

Ceremony, Spiritual Ecology, Meditation, Prayer

Breath, Song, Art

Medicine Wheel, Elements, Labyrinth

Shamanic Practice, Dreamtime, Self Awareness

Plants As Beloveds, Plant Essences, Tree Connectors

Raising Consciousness, Managing the Forces, Expanding Your Container



can’t wait - no problem - here is a course to get you started 

plant communication

with Pam on wisdom hub tv