Pam Montgomery Invites you to 

Reunite with Gaia

in a Co-Creative Partnership with Nature.

Join me

What if Nature was your spiritual teacher? Would you listen with undivided attention and give the utmost respect?

What if Nature were your beloved? Would you make vows to honor, love and seek common union?

What if you remembered that you are a part of Nature who demonstrates rebirth and regeneration? Would you embrace your original brilliance?

Being in a deep co-creative partnership with Nature is the most profound sacred act we can engage in both personally and planetarily.

Please join us on this journey of co-creative partnership with Nature where being of Nature is not only our birthright but a Sacred Trust that ensures thriving into a life worth living.

"I have loved learning about the spirit of nature and being in reciprocity with nature’s seen and unseen forces; a Gaia whose flowers, roots, leaves, bark, wings, claws, rocks and flow of rivers ignite the flames of inspiration of the now present moment and for a time to come."

– Laura Parisi, Co-Creative Partnership with Nature Student

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Hi, I'm Pam.

I am an Earth Elder, author and teacher who has passionately embraced my role as a spokesperson for the green beings and has been investigating plants/trees and their intelligent spiritual nature for more than three decades.

I engage in co-creative partnership with all of nature and strive to take up my rightful place as a part of nature where I contribute to all of life thriving.

My latest passion is to engage ceremonially in full symbiosis within the plant/human matrix where the elder common plants and trees initiate and guide us into being truly human.

I'm so glad you are here.


"Your teachings are a toolkit for life."

-  Carol Bates, Co-Creative Partnership with Nature student



Re-awaken to the spirit of the plants and all of nature...

Our relationship with Earth and all her beings is shifting into a co-creative partnership which acknowledges the equal rights of all of Nature to thrive. This awareness recognizes that we humans have a role within Nature and we are re-awakening to our birthright as an integral partner with Nature.  Join with us as we embark on a journey of remembrance, coming home to our indigenous soul - that part of ourself that never left nature.

Want to know what it's like to experience a guided visualization with me?

Join me for a two part meditation called Mending the Fabric where we engage on the energetic level to reweave the tapestry of life.

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    “I’m beyond thankful that Gaia is such an important part of my life, and I thank you for your work in strengthening this connection.”

    – Robin

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