Co-Creative Partnership with Nature Mentorship Program

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    Do you want to know who you are, what gifts you have to offer and what your earth walk is all about?

    Let's join together for an online experience of love, life and healing while coming home to oneself and our greater family of Nature. Healing into life with plants, trees, elements, nature spirits and self.

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    I am so excited to bring this learning opportunity to you via an online venue. This exploration has been in the making for four+ decades starting from the early 1970s when I joined the back-to-the-land movement. In 1997 my first book entitled Partner Earth; A Spiritual Ecology, Restoring Our Sacred Relationship with Nature was published. Since then I have been on a mission to bring co-creative partnership with Nature to the wider world.
    — Pam Montgomery

    Since I was a small child I have sensed the aliveness in all that is of Earth and have pursued a deeper understanding of this Earth sentience throughout my life. There have been significant moments that and people who have fed my passion for being in a co-creative partnership with Nature not the least of whom is my maternal Grandmother. She instilled in me the simple pleasure of being in true relationship with all the Nature around me especially the plants and trees and at the center of this relationship was communication. My Granny talked to her plants and felt this was the key to their verdant growth. Years later as I became an herbalist I was shocked to find out that other herbalists thought talking to plants was “airy fairy” which is how they labeled me. Instead of putting me off this gave me a sense of purpose: I was determined to learn and experience all I could about plant communication and plant consciousness. Over the years this extended to Nature Consciousness and as a result I founded the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries which is dedicated to being in co-creative partnership with all of Nature.

    Co-creative partnership is just as the words indicate; being an equal partner where the members create together to bring about balanced manifestation. This conscious act of partnering with Nature brings about a union of form and spirit where all life can thrive. Co-creative partnership is not a technique but a way of life that we all carry within us. Embedded in our cells is the memory of a time when we lived close to Earth. During this time we wouldn’t dream of doing harm to that which is the source of our sustenance. But a deep amnesia has taken over and we have forgotten how to live in co-creative partnership with Earth and all her beings. The separation from Nature that this amnesia has created is resulting in some very big challenging, changing times. It is imperative that we remember who we truly are and embrace our essence which is that of being a part of Nature.

    As you embark upon this journey of co-creative partnership you will begin to wake up and remember what it’s like to live in harmony with Earth and all her beings. A deep sense of well being will settle into your bones as you experience coming home to yourself and your true Mother, beautiful Lady Gaia.

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    The basic tenets of co-creative partnership:

    Effective communication

    Trust which includes microscopic honesty

    Self-love at a core level

    Joyful encounter through playful partnering

    Healing separation from Nature

    Internal/External Time

    We will explore these in various ways throughout the course with an emphasis on plants and trees. Being the plant person that I am I tend to gravitate toward working mostly with the green beings. But it is more than my personal preference since plants are the easiest access for us to the natural world because we are so symbiotically and deeply related. The plants are our kin and we experience this familial bond when we deeply engage.

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    NOW is the time to seek answers to the questions who am I and what am I doing here.
    NOW is the time to bring forward your inherent gifts.
    NOW is the time to live within a balanced spiritual ecology.
    NOW is the time to restore your sacred relationship with Nature.
    NOW is the time to tell a new story and shift into a new paradigm
    If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.
    — Lao Tzu
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    Co-creative Partnership with Nature

    Full course details

    Cover Art - titled Interbeing
    Interbeing is the understanding that nothing exists separately from anything else. We are interconnected
    — Thich Nhat Hanh

    Course objectives

    During this course you will remember how to be of the natural world and how to receive guidance from Nature.

    • Working together with Nature and its vast intelligence you will open to a consciously intentional way of walking where the sacred is infused in all you do.
    • You will experience self-care practices that bring about well-being thus shaping your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Certain plants and trees will become your personal allies bringing assistance on many levels.
    • You will begin to walk a path of beauty where adaptation in a changing environment is seen as an opportunity instead of a challenge.
    • Completion of the entire course will bring you closer to your true essential nature while walking your soul’s path in co-creative partnership with a living Earth. You will step into Nature Consciousness Healing as a way to heal yourself and the Earth. You will remember your true essential nature, who you are, and why you’re here and what your purpose is during these shifting times. You will not just learn about healing via Nature, but you will expand your consciousness in order to tell and live a new story, one that creates a paradigm of co-creative partnership with all life.
    • More than a plant spirit course, this is a journey into the whole of Nature where you remember that you are not separate from Nature. This course is a “homecoming” where you will take up your rightful place as a part of Nature.

    Course Structure

    Each module will be four to five hours of content depending on the number of topics. The independent explorations (homework), which are the heart of the course, are a way for you to put into practice the lesson you have received and can take as much time as you want to put into them. The modules will be a mix of pre-recorded video demonstrations, audio files, speaking videos and supporting written material along with additional resources. Course content is available to you one module a month for eight months. There are several lessons in each module and to thoroughly complete the independent explorations you will need this much time. You will have forever access so that you can revisit modules as much as you like.

    You can work on this course as your time allows but it is strongly recommended to be consistent by setting aside time each week to complete a lesson within the module. My experience over the years of working with students in many different settings is that consistency is extremely valuable. It brings a level of commitment that is empowering and it keeps you in the flow. The more you practice the exercises the better you get and the practices no longer are work but instead fun. It is important to enter this journey with an open heart, receptive mind and a spirit of wonder.

    Suggested reading are Pam’s books Partner Earth and Plant Spirit Healing.

    Enrollment Details

    The 2024 course will also include:

    • 4 - Live group Q & A’s where you can ask questions, share with other students while receiving Pam’s guidance.
    • 2 - One to One sessions with Pam anytime between June 4th - December 12th. You choose your dates to come prepared with questions and topics to discuss the course material.
    • 1 - One to One coaching session with associate, Sara Artemisia, to help with personal management during the course. For example, this might be an opportunity to receive guidance with time management.
    • 4 -  Meet - Up group sessions with team member, AC, to share with fellow students in an intimate setting.
    • Bonus videos from other teachers.
    • Personal guidance when asking questions directly to Pam on the Mighty Network platform.
    • Special video messages from Pam about course content, seasonal gardening, wild plants and appropriate current affairs.
    • Building a community of folks working in co-creative partnership with Nature on our Mighty Networks platform.

    MENTORING: If you feel you need even more individual attention from Pam you can set-up a mentoring session at a reduced rate of $75 per session.


    The full cost of a one time payment is $750

    Earlybird cost is $650 and enrollment is between April 1 - April 14, 2024

    Payment plans:

    Enroll with $250 payment plus two additional payments of $250 each

    Enroll with $150 payment plus four additional payments of $150 each

    REFUND: You will receive a full refund (minus the Paypal fee that was deducted) within the first 30 days if you find this course is not right for you. Be sure to review the course outline before you enroll to determine, as best you can, whether this course is right for you. Please send an email to Pam stating your reason for dropping out of the course BEFORE making this decision. Often times once there is a clarifying discussion you realize you don't really want to drop out and a mutual solution is found to make it possible to continue with the course. There will be no refunds after 30 days which is June 5th.

    PREVIOUS STUDENTS: If you have taken this course before but feel you want a refresher or you want the benefits of Q&As, Meet-Ups and One to One sessions with Pam you can enroll in this year's cohort with an upgrade for $325.

    Course outline

    Module One : Foundations of Spiritual Ecology

    • Spiritual Ecology
    • Creating an Altar
    • Seven Directions
    • Elements
    • Shamanic Journeying
    • Sit Spots
    • Prayer Tree
    • Plant: Maple Tree

    Module Two : Co-Creative Partnership

    • Co-creative tenets of:
      • healing separation
      • trust
      • playful partnering
      • self-love
      • internal time
    • Mapping the Nature / Human Matrix
    • Heart Coherence
    • Reciprocity
    • Plant : Rose

    Module Three : Plant Communication

    • Symbiotic Relationship
    • Tools for Communication
    • Light and Sound
    • Sensory Awareness
    • Felt Sensation
    • Being in the Daydream
    • Kinesiology and pendulum
    • Plant : St. Johns Wort

    Module Four : Keeping Your Energy Body Clear and Clean

    • Feathering, smudging
    • Stone sweeping
    • Static energy
    • Plant Spirit Bathing
    • Protection
    • Mugwort Clearing Treatment
    • Plant : Mugwort

    Module Five : Energy Anatomy and Healing

    • Energy Anatomy
    • chakras, the energy organs
    • meridians, rivers of light
    • points as portals
    • Left/right side
    • Ancestral Healing
    • Chakra Clearing
    • Vertical Alignment
    • Making Plant Essences
    • Plant : Cedar Tree

    Module Six : Awareness of True Essential Nature

    • Spiritual Malnourishment
    • Soul Contracts
    • Personal Symbol
    • Building Personal Power
      • fire vigil
      • night walking
      • vision journey
    • Plant : Sacred Basil/Tulsi

    Module Seven : Managing the Forces

    • The Original Trinity
    • Nature Spirits
    • Shamanic Seeing/Sensing
    • Earth Healing
    • Labyrinth and Spiral Circuits
    • Divination
    • Plant: Ash Tree

    Module Eight : Raising Consciousness

    • Greenbreath Session
    • Adaptation
      • Adaptogens
      • Stress Response
    • Remembering who we are
    • Creating Ceremony
    • Plants: Rosemary, Rhodiola and Cannabis (CBD)
    Cover Art - titled Interbeing

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      Words of love

      "This course has been a life changer. To give an idea: before starting the course I was already very active in nature and plant communication, both personally and professionally, and had studied different methods of spiritually connecting to the plant world. This course however deepened and broadened my knowledge of working with the plants and approached nature collaboration from many many viewpoints. There is a very high density of information and knowledge in this course, combined with exercises that make you experience it and give you tools to integrate it and live it emotionally and spiritually. It is a course that contributes to vibrating on a higher frequency and to find tools to integrate on a daily basis to keep this high vibration through a constant collaboration with the plant world in so many aspects of life. I am very grateful for the generosity of Pam to share so many of the pearls and diamonds she has discovered in her path of co-creation with nature. This course gives you enough material to work with for many years and to find much inspiration to deepen your own personal research with nature."
      -Zigola Pioppo, Damanhur, Italy
      “This is one of the best organized, most rigorous courses online I have ever attended. I have learned so many things, exchanging with the plants, daydreaming, journeying, working with a pendulum, limpias, soul contracts… but most of all, this course has allowed me to reinforce and deepen my relationship with plants & trees; and to trust my senses more. You have encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and do things I had never done before. You have encouraged me to trust more what I sensed or felt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a pleasure, a joy, to explore and experience, week after week.”
      -Magda Fahsi, Belgium
      “What a wonderful inspiring abundant course! More than I could have imagined, huge amounts of techniques and learning the Language of Spirit. A brilliantly structured online course, with wonderful independant explorations diving into the Heart of Spirit and Nature. A fabulous balance of being a part of a learning community online and having plenty of time outside in Nature, connecting with Spirit. So much Gratitude to you Pam, for sharing your Wisdom, Integrity, Support and Love.”
      -Daisy Mae, Herbalist, Portugal
      My work with Pam has given me tools to work with the energies of Nature and my clients.  Most importantly, Pam has helped me to regain my sense of self - who I am and why I am here at this time - which has given me the confidence to stand fully in my power and to live the life of my dreams.”
      -Jen Frey, founder of Brigid’s Way, Washington Boro, Pennsylvania
      “Pam has helped me to broaden my abilities in connecting with nature and many plant allies as well as helping me awaken a part of myself that has been dormant for too long. Her programs are truly inspiring and transforming. They have facilitated in changing my life and now I have the confidence to help others with their healing journey.” 
      -Carmen Bubner, Founder of Plant Wisdom, Southern Australia
      “Class with Pam has opened the door wider and deepened my connection to the green world in a profound and beautiful way.  My work as a practitioner has been enhanced by studying with Pam and I can call on plants to help with many things. I am constantly amazed by the gifts of the plants.” 
      -Kathy Skolem, Brownsville, Vermont
      ‘’Pam’s plant spirit healing work has inspired and informed my whole spiritual path and journey of awakening. Today I help others develop their own soul consciousness through the plant spirits. Pam’s online course with brought the wisdom of the plants to thousands around the world and laid firm foundations for future plant spirit healers.’'
      -Emma Farrell of Plant Consciousness, Wales, UK
      "The Co-Creative Partnership with Nature Program had a profound impact on me. The content was rich, drawing upon Pam's deep wisdom and experiences. The course is presented in a way that flows together beautifully, with each module being quite different but still fitting perfectly. I felt personal growth and connection with myself, Nature, and other members of the program. The one-to-one mentoring sessions were a catalyst for change in my career and vision for the future."
      - Leah Black, CCPN Student
      "I can't say enough about this course. It was transformative not only in my personal life but as a practitioner. She blended this course utilizing science and spirituality. Also, tangible tools for connecting with plants, earth, and myself. It transformed me in a way where I don't feel alone.
      - LeAnne Feliciano, student in first CCPN cohort
      "There are so many things about this course that I loved. If I had to pick my most favorite I would say it was learning a variety of ways to communicate with these magnificent beings - the trees and plants. I also learned so much about miracles in this course and how to intertwine magic in my everyday life. And last but certainly not least, it helped me embody the gifts of my soul.
      - Ida Lynn Villanueva, CCPN Student

       The Questions?

      Here are some of the questions that people have about Co-Creative Partnership with Nature mentorship course.

      Who else is in the cohort?

      The program has created an international community of people which includes students from the last three years. You’ll meet people in the program who are walking a similar path. Already students are introducing themselves in the program.

      How many hours a week do I need to set aside for the course?

      Generally speaking you will invest 2-10 hours a week in your course study.

      The course was designed that each Module would take about a month's time. With that said, you are welcome to go at whatever pace is good for you. Some folks want to take their time and slowly cover the course material while others would rather cruise through it like the robin who just swooped past my head. Whatever way you choose, know that your pace is perfect. Also, the Modules are designed to be experienced sequentially, so starting with one and progressing to eight.

      Can I access the course on my phone?

      You absolutely can use your phone for the course. We host Co Creative Partnership with Nature on a platform called Mighty Networks and they have a handy mobile app which makes following the course material seamless and easy on a smartphone.

      Will I be supported?

      We have created this year's course with exactly this in mind. When you start to feel yourself losing interest or drifting or life is taking over or you are stuck then schedule a one to one session with Pam or a coaching session with Sara. You might be feeling like you really need others to talk to so go to a Meet-Up or come to a live Q&A. Of course, you can always engage on the Mighty Networks platform with other students and if you send a chat message directly to Pam she always answers you. AC is always available to help you with tech stuff and just to be a good friend.

      What are the live events?

      While lessons are pre-recorded and organized into modules, there will be four live Q&A events where you can bring your questions to me and I will answer them live. If you can’t make the Q&A it will be recorded and posted in the community. I participate in the community as well and answer your questions that you post in the community.

      There will also be four Meet-Ups with team member, AC. These are designed to be intimate sharings with other classmates, where you can talk about your experiences, get feedback and just let loose. I mean how often do you get to talk with others who "get it" and support you?

      How do the 1:1 sessions work?

      There will be two 1 to 1 sessions with Pam where you can dive deep into the course content especially where you are struggling or confused.  A calendar will be posted where you can choose your 40 minute time slots. If possible, you submit questions or areas needing clarity to Pam ahead of time. This way we can make efficient use of our time.

      How do Coaching sessions work?

      There will be one coaching session with Pam's associate, Sara Artemisia. These sessions are designed to help you with managing the course, ie. time management or focusing on what is important to you.

      What is Mighty Networks?

      Mighty Networks is the online program platform that we use to host the Co-Creative Partnership with Nature program and where the community lives. It’s not only where you access the course material but where you get to share about yourself, connect with other students and engage in discussion around what you are learning in the course.

      We know how important community is to learning and so we tried our hardest to create the kind of place where people get to connect over shared experiences and learn from each other as well as from the course material.

      This is a private network and only folks taking the course or students from the last four years are in Mighty Networks.

      When does enrollment close?

      The Spring 2024 enrollment period will end on Sunday, May 5th

      If you are planning on making Co-Creative Partnership With Nature  part of your year now is the best time to sign-up. However, if circumstances are such that you just couldn’t get to signing-up there will be a grace period of a week.



      “We can only be what we give ourselves the power to be.”

      -Native American Proverb

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