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“A blessing of a book. Pam’s writing shines with what Hildegard of Bingen called VIRIDITAS – the healing power of the Green. It is filled with the wisdom of a REAL herbalist. You need this book!”

David Hoffmann BSc, FNIMH,
author of Medical Herbalism, Herbal Prescriptions after 50 and The Holistic Herbal

"If you've ever found yourself having a conversation with a plant, feeling emotional towards a mountain or hearing whispers on the wind this book is for you.

We are urged to listen very carefully to the primal conversation of plants and join in, widening our community to really include them. PLANT SPIRIT HEALING offers practical ice breakers to establish relationships with our green friends, not just those currently used in herbal medicine traditions, but all plants. Montgomery suggests these willing healing partners have extraordinary abilities most of us have yet to comprehend."

John Seed, rainforest and climate change activist,
co-author of Thinking Like a Mountain,,

"Pam Montgomery lives the way of life she writes about in PLANT SPIRIT HEALING. In this book, Pam's extensive knowledge of plants is conveyed in the context of a wider spiritual path of healing and transformation.

It honors and utilizes her direct intuitive experience as well as her rigorous studies as a highly respected herbalist and teacher. This book is a must for every student of the plant world."

Nicki Scully
author of Alchemical Healing and Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt

"Pam’s new book, PLANT SPIRIT HEALING, gets to the root of this profound way to wholeness – from modern physics to native tradition – then takes us through a growing process of learning and deepening our trust in connections with the loving power of the green world, and ultimately helps us create a flowering of this wonderful way of healing in our own lives and with our clients. In my mind, it is already a classic."

Brooke Medicine Eagle
author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing and The Last Ghost Dance

To purchase Plant Spirit Healing send $22.00 (includes shipping cost) to: Pam Montgomery, 1525 Danby Mtn. Rd., Danby, Vt 05739 OR order online here.

What others are saying about Plant Spirit Healing:

This is a profound work ... Written with a clarity and depth of understanding that only someone deeply attuned to their subject could master. Pam Montgomery, Herbalist and Plant Spirit practitioner, weaves together indigenous wisdom, modern research, science and quantum physics into a vibrant testament of the sacred and powerful nature inherent in plant medicine.

One of the finest books written on the subject, Plant Spirit Healing challenges the limited perceptions we have of modern herbal and medical practices. But it does far more than that; it teaches one how to open the channels of the sacred that is so important in plant medicine, but that is too often forgotten in our modern healing rituals/practices.

The powerful message transmitted through every page of this amazing book is bound to change our perception of herbal healing ~ and of medicine in general. Written with a fiery heart and tons of experience, Pam calls forth the soul of herbal medicine and rekindles the spirit inherent in the practice of herbal medicine.This book is a great book destined to become a classic.

Rosemary Gladstar, Herbalist and Founder of United Plant Savers

"Pam Montgomery has built a bridge between the spiritual needs of people and the spiritual powers of plants. She shows us how to work with plants to heal our bodies and nourish our souls.

As a spiritual ambassador for the plant kingdom she urges us to view and sense plants in a profoundly deep way that honors their much overlooked spiritual gifts and shows us how to tap into this power for the healing of ourselves and the planet. PLANT SPIRIT HEALING opens a whole new arena for plant lovers and herbalists.

At this time in our evolution, plant spirits can and will be partners in a new paradigm of mutual understanding that might just save us all."

Dr. Rosita Arvigo
author of Sastun and Spiritual Bathing

"PLANT SPIRIT HEALING is a book about communicating with the spirits of plants, and enlisting plant spirits to heal. These are subjects of increasing importance and relevance in today’s world, where ancient shamanism and modern spirituality are expanding our worldview. However, author Pam Montgomery goes beyond these remarkable themes, presenting a portrait or journal of what it is like to live immersed in a Natural World where plants, stones, and locations talk, signal, sing, educate, and heal. PLANT SPIRIT HEALING is an antidote to the modern world, which has been stripped of meaning, spirit, and relationship. Words like love, joy, spirit, and life can be abstractions, but here they are real."

Matthew Wood, M.Sc. (Herbal Medicine) Registered Herbalist (AHG) author of Herbal Wisdom and The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism

"Every soul searching for truth will drink in the words on these pages like a healing potion, whether or not there is experience using herbs. For those who love Latin names and chemistry, this doorway opens us to the power of plants that goes beyond the physical."

Amanda McQuade Crawford Dip. Phyto., MNIMH, RH (AHG), MNZAMH Consultant Medical Herbalist author of Herbal Remedies for Women

partner earth

"Well written and thought provoking, Partner Earth challenges our usual perception of 'earth as mother' and, by doing so, expands our concepts of health and healing. Chocked full of eclectic healing wisdom and punctuated by the author's personal experieinces, I found this book not only eminently practical, but deeply inspiring. A good stimulating read in preparation for a new millenium."

Rosemary Gladstar author of Herbal Healing for Women

"Pam Montgomery's stories will inspire anyone seeking a closer connection with nature."

Eliot Cowan author of Plant Spirit Medicine

To purchase Partner Earth send $19.00 (includes shipping) to: Pam Montgomery, 1525 Danby Mtn. Rd., Danby, VT 05739 OR order online here.

What others are saying about Partner Earth

"I've just finished reading Partner Earth for the 2nd time. I was surprised at how much I have incorporated your concept of Earth as partner rather than parent since I first read it 2 years ago. And this reading allowed me to see that it is okay for me to think of Earth as my 'true mother' as well as partner - just as it is okay for Native Americans to keep songs referring to Mother Earth. And as I became a friend and partner, as well as a daughter, to my own mother."

Victoria Weber, May 2007

"Pam Montgomery is a true co-creator and partner with our sweet Lady Gaia. Her words will inspire you to accept the responsibility and reap the rewards of this partnership for yourself. We have, up to now, acted as needy, greedy children of an all-giving Mother Earth. It is vital to the continuance of human life on earth to now accept our partnership with Gaia. I highly recommend Partner Earth; A Spiritual Ecology as a guide to begin this partnership."

Brooke Medicine-Eagle
author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing and The Last Ghost Dance

"What a joy Pam has written of her experiences, sharing with us her intuitive, zany, profound, and highly effective approach to living co-creatively with the environment. If we have any hope of healing ourselves from the devastation of the 20th century, it lies with strategies like those outlined in Partner Earth, that point us toward an ecstatic return to our ancient interconnectedness with Nature."

Vicki Noble co-creator of Motherpeace Tarot author of Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess
Shakti Woman: Feeling Our Fire, Healing Our World

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