Master Plant Experience

        This event is hosted by Dr. Maya Shetreat, who is a rare combination of integrative neurologist, herbalist, and spiritual teacher is putting together an event to help us all remedy overwhelm, reverse despair and rediscover connection. Master Plants have long been known as ancient teachers with mycelial messages of connection to …

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Conversations with Nature World Summit 2023

Pam will be participating in this online event, where we will revitalize our relationship with nature through animal communication, cosmic consciousness, and energetic activism. For more information and to register, visit Conversations with Nature World Summit 2023.    

Conversations with Nature Q&A

After the Conversations with Nature World Summit, join us for an online Q&A. Pam will be participating in this online event. For more information, visit Conversation with Nature World Summit 2023.

Ecoversity Herbalism Certification Course

Discover the amazing world of herbalism with guidance from renowned educators such as Rosemary Gladstar, Seraphina Capranos, Dr. Mary Bove, Sarah Wu, Paul Stamets, Sobande Greer, Asia Dorsey, and others through Ecoversity's all-inclusive, six-month certification program. The course begins on April 19, 2023 and meets weekly on Wednesdays. Pam will be participating in this online …

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Hawthorn Plant Initiation

There's an expression that says, "It is a long journey from the head to the heart." Hawthorn helps you to make that journey while accessing the divine and moving into the "big heart" where all healing takes place. We are excited to bring this plant initiation to you in-person at Sweetwater Sanctuary in Danby, Vermont. …

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