This season, as never before, I’ve come to understand the anticipation inside me that I now recognize as a sense of grace that envelopes me when I’m present with my garden. This is my holy ground, my church, my most precious time to be in deep communion with the Holy in Nature and more importantly to be remembered by the seeds I plant, the ones with the “long view” teaching me what it means to be truly human.

Perhaps we have forgotten what it means to be truly human but the plants have not forgotten us. They generously give to us each and every day in the form of food, medicine, clothing and shelter while showering us with beauty, breath and radiance.

Now that seeds have joined with their Grandmother Earth after having been shelled from their Mother plant as they nestle and swell from the recent rains perhaps carrying a kind of anticipation not so unlike my own they live out their destiny of becoming food, a most magnificent expression of the Holy in Nature. When I honor, remember and tell the story of these seeds becoming plants that are food I take up my rightful place as a part of nature and in my own small way help keep the Agreement with the Holy in Nature alive.