20/20 Vision

As we begin a brand new decade we turn to the new year to envision our journey through the landscape of the second decade of the third millennium. As we enter into this new time our awareness of the visioning aspect of 2020 as in 20/20 sight bringing perfect vision, clear seeing and more light is energetically infused into this new beginning. As we bring forward our personal and planetary visions a new story begins to emerge and as we tell this new story the old paradigm shifts.

I recently sat in circle with community members as we celebrated the Winter Solstice. Our focus was our personal visions and how to bring these visions into manifestation for the health and well being of the Earth and all her beings. We were guided by the wise council of Robin Wall Kimmerer via this fifteen  minute piece of hers http://www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=8533. What Robin reminds us of is the Native American approach to living out our story which incorporates the two very important ingredients of gratitude and reciprocity. As we enter this potentially challenging decade we are encouraged to give thanks each and every day for the beautiful Nature that gives us our very life while basking in the beauty and abundance that exists all around us. And when the landscape has been altered by fire, deforestation, flooding, mining, drilling or drought the memory of Earth’s former beauty still exists and this vision holds the seeds of restoration.

The gift of reciprocity that we bring to our visions is crucial at this time as it holds the blessing of relationship that can develop into co-creative partnership. Reciprocity during this new decade requires us to be aware of our thoughts, emotions, actions and awakenings. Each and everyday our presence is necessary in order to be in right relationship with a living Earth filled with Nature consciousness. Even though it is so important to bring our prayers and “offerings” to Nature it is time to take our relationship to the next level. We are being asked by the animals, trees, waters, plants, landscapes, oceans, fish, winds – all of Nature – to take up our rightful place as a part of Nature and bring forward our gifts to assist in all of life thriving, not just surviving.

As we poise on the brink of a new paradigm our visions must be clear and balanced with near and far sight. Our entry into this 20/20 year invites us to be present with our relational responsibility of gratitude and reciprocity while embracing the new story that emerges.

Pam Montgomery