Cracking Open

We have felt for some time now a great stirring and know many of you have, as well. Lately, it feels more like a shaking, breaking apart or cracking open. It’s as if the shackles of empirical culture perpetuated by the religious and scientific myths of the past are no longer able to hold us in bondage. For some it has been literal as the events in the Middle East have shown us but for others it is a mind-set of overcoming the fear of oppression from our internal dictator. This iron strong grip is weakening and the right to live according to our true essential nature on this Earth with respect, communication and love are emerging as extremely powerful forces. This cracking open, of course, is not easy and at times it feels like being dismembered while walking through the flames. This brings to mind the cracking open required for a seed to germinate and grow – sometimes it must go through fire, or freezing and thawing or scraping through the bowels of an animal or bird before it will open to new life. Other times it is the light that encourages sprouting, another time it is a bursting forth after being soaked with water. Some seeds lay in wait for decades until just the right conditions exist to sprout into new growth. Perhaps this cracking open for us humans that seems to be on all levels of mind, heart, soul and spirit is occurring after a long dormancy – its time has come.

As we watch the cracking open of people and Earth we ponder what the nature might be of that which is seemingly pushing our edges and wants to burst forth. The earth is our body and our body is the earth so that when Earth pushes against the bonds of human intervention we too, experience the force. Ironically, humanities nervous system has technologically extended itself around this planet via the electrical charges of sight and sound that manifest through hand held devices of amazing human ingenuity. Cameras, cell phones, computers and all kinds of communication devices now become employed in connecting with the nervous systems of masses of people (and the planet) in carrying messages and information far and wide that in former eras took months, years and centuries to convey. On one hand this dependence on technology seems to add to our bondage but on the other hand the result of this explosion of instantaneous information appears to be leading our collective humanity toward a wilder and less tamed way of being, helping us, together, to break through, to crack our seeds wide open into a new era. The deployment of Russia’s Sputnik satellite in 1957 was a huge evolutionary leap and the dawn of a whole new day for the human species. For the first time peoples of the earth could see themselves from afar, from a detached and objective reference point. The wholeness of our planet, our beloved Earth and the sacred face of Gaia, is now consciously recognized. We are living in a global village wherein the affairs of our members are readily known. The village is a messy, chaotic, diversely exquisite interdependent combination of individual dreams and aspirations that require everyone’s awareness of their responsibility to the welfare and sustainability of the whole, most importantly being our love, respect and care for the very ground we walk upon and the life giving ecosystems carrying and growing all life.

We at Sweetwater Sanctuary share these words from the winter time hibernation of the dreamtime. Once the snow and ice recedes, once the mapled sap no longer flows, once the tendriled shoots of the Green Beings bud forth and the families of deer return to the fields and migrating robins and hummingbirds begin spiraling new nests, we will be on our feet and bending low to Earth planting new seeds while our collective cracking open continues in hopes of bringing new life both within and without.


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Pam Montgomery