For years now I have been seeking to understand the deep relationship between plants and people and how we are “hard-wired” in our connection with them. Breath is an obvious connection and yet we take it for granted. What happens if we bring our breath with plants to a conscious level? With this question in mind I began to experiment with focused breathing with plants which I call Greenbreath. My utmost gratitude goes to ALisa Starkweather for providing me with the opportunity to discover Greenbreath. On this occasion a group of us were breathing in a focused way and it occurred to me to pick one of my plant/tree allies to focus my breath with (knowing this was the source of my breath)  to see if this would deepen our relationship. I could never have guessed what would happen in that breathing session. My ally was White Pine and the experience of complete merge to the point of moving kundalini energy up my spine was ecstatically blissful. I knew somewhere inside me that I could go to a deeply intimate place with green beings but I had never experienced it until now. What a blessing to have discovered this and to share with another being of nature such a deep bonding.

Greenbreath is a form of journeying to other dimensions with the use of evocative music and prompting to move through various phases first moving through obstacles, ancestral burdens, that which keeps you from being all you can be into making a rainbow bridge to source energy while breathing through each chakra. Once the rainbow bridge to source energy is established you begin to lose the boundary of yourself realizing that this source energy actually comes from the plant ally you have chosen to breathe with. As you continue to breathe you become aware of your plant breathing in you as you breathe in it and the symbiotic merge begins as you bring your plant ally fully into your body experiencing the wave like motion that your plant’s breath creates in you. As the green breath of your plant ally enlivens each of your cells, the light at the nucleus of the cell begins to re-pattern toward health and spontaneous healing takes place. You remember that it is your birth-rite to be a part of nature, not separate, you remember that you do know the language of the plants, you remember your true essential nature. Your heart is filled with the unconditional love from your plant ally and you realize you are never alone because your plant lives inside you via its breath. Your breath spirals up your spine moving you into the ecstatic nature of deep intimacy with your plant ally and you experience the bliss of total merge with another being. The sharing of breath with your plant ally has cleared obstacles, opened channels to source energy, healed the wounds of misalignment and brought you to a place of taking up your rightful place in nature where you have access to the whole of creation.

This very profound journey with the green beings takes you to a whole new level of relationship, moving beyond friendship into intimacy where a plant is more than an ally – it becomes your beloved.