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Co-Creative Partnership with Nature Mentorship

May 6

Are you seeking a deeper relationship with Nature, self, and life?

Do you want to know who you are, what gifts you have to offer and what your earth walk is all about?

Beginning on May 6th, let’s join together for an online experience of love, life and healing while coming home to oneself and our greater family of Nature. Healing into life with plants, trees, elements, nature spirits and self.

Co-creative partnership is just as the words indicate; being an equal partner where the members create together to bring about balanced manifestation. This conscious act of partnering with Nature brings about a union of form and spirit where all life can thrive. Co-creative partnership is not a technique but a way of life that we all carry within us. Embedded in our cells is the memory of a time when we lived close to Earth. During this time we wouldn’t dream of doing harm to that which is the source of our sustenance. But a deep amnesia has taken over and we have forgotten how to live in co-creative partnership with Earth and all her beings. The separation from Nature that this amnesia has created is resulting in some very big challenging, changing times. It is imperative that we remember who we truly are and embrace our essence which is that of being a part of Nature.

As you embark upon this journey of co-creative partnership you will begin to wake up and remember what it’s like to live in harmony with Earth and all her beings. A deep sense of well being will settle into your bones as you experience coming home to yourself and your true Mother, beautiful Lady Gaia.

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