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The Infinite I AM! Inhabiting & Honoring the Earth

June 19 - June 23

We are standing at this moment of time, watching all structures of the society crumbling, living with the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring us. It is time to open up & listen to the wisdom of the ancients, it is time to open up & listen to the messages from the Cosmos.

It is time to start harnessing this unique power to create for the good of all.

In this pivotal time ~ are you feeling the call to…

  • Remember your Light & awaken dormant aspects of your consciousness
  • Integrate new frequencies & access higher levels of perception
  • Ground your Light in your life experiences
  • Examine your own place in this reality
  • Grow, evolve, deeply connect & feel again One with your Earth ancestors ~ the rocks, the trees, the plants, the animals
  • Remember your Star ancestors & come back to the Truth that you are made of star dust & Are One with the Stars
  • Make a quantum leap & create a new reality for yourself, for your children & grandchildren & the generations to follow…

You are invited to this new global conference that will give you the opportunity to …

  • Explore expansive new belief systems that have not previously been available to us
  • Open up to a new expansive understanding of reality that we may have not perceived before
  • Feel strongly your power to shed light into the darkness & be a creator of this new reality which will remain and blossom…

It is time for us to awaken & invite this power to be fully present in us & guide us in every thought, emotion, word, action.

This is when we will begin to create a difference.

To address all these topics & provide support during this time of rapid change, my friend and colleague Dr. Veselka Nikolova has created a beautiful online event that will guide you to evolve, align with your Soul, heal, express your true potential & become a creator of your miraculous new reality. It’s called:


Inhabiting & Honoring the Earth ~ Soaring in the Multidimensions

Global Online Conference ~ June 19th – 23rd, 2024

I’m delighted to be one of the featured presenters in this Global conference. The topic I’ll be sharing on is: Nature Guides Us to Live Our Full Potential

Click here to register now (free) for the The Infinite I AM Global conference.


June 19
June 23