APRIL 26-28, 2019


What can the plants teach us about the times we are living in? How can plants/trees help us navigate the turbulent waters that we find ourselves in? 

Plants began evolving three billion years ago and were well established and available to ensure life-giving support to humans once we emerged. We depend completely on plants for our physical existence but there’s more. Our cognitive abilities developed because of plants, our deep emotional love for life is engendered by plants and our spiritual awakening is guided by plants. Plants have always preceded their animal counterparts in evolution. Our symbiotic relationship with plants/trees and the guidance we receive from them can serve as a way-finder for this next phase of our evolution.

During this workshop you will discover:

  • How plant evolution is symbiotically linked to our own

  • How we are ‘hard-wired’ to be in kinship with plants

  • How the rise in higher mind originated with plants

  • How Biophillia engenders emotional well-being

  • How foundational forms of communication, light and sound, trigger genetic memory markers like instinct

  • How the primary organ of perception, the heart, initiates deep bonding with plants and nature

  • How plants set the precedent for our spiritual awakening 

  • How to use plants to maintain good energy hygiene

 You will also learn about:

* Plants that are considered “adaptagens” helping us to cope with the stress of modern-day life

* Heart coherence, oxytocin, and plants that support “restoration”

* Plants that keep us balanced and who are able to switch on our inherent ability to heal

*  How to perform a plant “limpia” and then receive a “limpia” and plant blessing to clear your energy body

Partial Scholarships are avialable for this program. Click here to access registration form.